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6yl series of fully automatic oil press is a kind new multifunctional screw oil press for cold and hot pressing. It is a newly developed oil press which is mainly used in individual processing, farmers and home use. 6yl series oil press process of vacuum filtration, automatic temperature controlling system, high quality and good taste of output oil and high ratio of oil output. 6yl automatic oil press could be equipped with other agro machinery to process on the farm and city on the spot, to make the process more transparent and make the customer without worries. Almost all of the oil plant can be process by small oil press, which includes peanut, soybean, oil sunflower, rape seed, walnut and cottonseed etc. Especially for peanut, it has higher market price. There are always faked oil and extracting oil which are bad for human health, so the business practice of pressing oil on the spot satisfied the demand of clients which focus on genuine goods at a fair price. It is the main ways of applying in urban area.

  • 6yl-95A Automatic Oil Press

    XG-95A Automatic Oil Press

  • 6yl-120A Automatic Oil Press

    XG-120A Automatic Oil Press

  • 6yl-130A Automatic Oil Press

    XG-130A Automatic Oil Press

Main Technical Data of 6yl series Automatic Oil Press

Model Capacity Power Dimension Weight
6yl-80A 2-3 T/D 5.5 KW 1760*1050*1850 MM 600 KG
6yl-95A 3-5 T/D 7.5 KW 2050*1050*1850 MM 940 KG
6yl-120A 4-6 T/D 11 KW 2220*1050*1850 MM 1200 KG
6yl-120CA 7-9 T/D 15 KW 2340*1050*1850 MM 1300 KG
6yl-130A 9-12 T/D 18.5 KW 2450*1100*1950 MM 1500 KG
6yl-160A 13-18 T/D 22 KW 2600*1200*1950 MM 1680 KG

1.High oil output: it adopts the guide bearings with multistage propulsion and one time fully press, to improve the oil output greatly.
2.Large production: it strengthens the feeding system to improve the feeding speed and improve the work efficiency.
3.Automatic control of temperature: EPC Electronic Program Control and scientific heating to control the temperature of pressing automatically.
4.Automatic screening: it uses the principle of negative air pressure and vacuum separation technology. There is a vacuum diverter in the oil press to separate the oil and residue efficiently.
5.Safe and convenient: compact structure with less occupation, which only require 10-20 ㎡ to meet the production requirement.
6.Good style: the surface of machine adopts the new material with electrostatic spraying, which has strong adhesive force, resistant of high fat and high temperature. It not only has elegant style but also easy to clean.
7. Durable: it adopts the high greed wear-resistant steel combined with ANTI-FATIGUE castings, which has stable performance and ensure the durability of the machine during constant production.

6yl small automatic oil press has increased the pressure spot and dive on with multistep, to strengthen the pressing force to the material, to improve the oil output and to improve the work efficiency at the same time. Unique design of inside groove makes oil flow easily, to improve the oil output in hardware aspect. It adopt variety of fine filtration system which realize the real pressing and filtrating one piece, to improve the automation degree of oil press and to solve the problem of purity of oil.

The pressing surface of 6yl automatic oil press are trenched and molded one time with automatic accurate polish, to improve the machining precision and degree of finish of pressing system. The machine can be put into normal production after the purchasing and simple test of pressing. The adjusting feed system which reforms the technology of the screw stem, to increase the speed of feeding and to improve the production output. The machine adopt the alloy steel combined with castings, to meet the quality standard of constant production of machinery with stable performance and durable service.