Common malfunction of hydraulic oil press

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Hydraulic oil press are mainly used to process soybean by cold pressing way, the proteins in the soybean cakes are not destroyed, which can be used to make Tofu, soybean milk and other bean products and the rest residues can be used as fertilizer, it has wide applying scope. The hydraulic oil press consists of hydraulic part and pressing part. The common failure and remove ways are like below:

Hydraulic Oil Press

Inadequate hydraulic pressure:

1.There is dirty thing on the oil output or poor contact of it
2.Poor contact of oil valve bolt with valve seat or No tightening causes the oil return
3.Over large wearing clearance between small piton and pump body
Ways of remove
1.After unpacking and washing, polishing make them dovetailed
2.Polished the oil valve bolt and valve seat to make tem dovetailed or tighten the screws
3.Replace a new pump

Hydraulic oil pump can not pump the oil

1.Blocking of oil screening
2.Long time use of hydraulic oil make the settings attached on the oil input mouth without sealing of the oil door
3.The oil is too thick or the cold weather makes the oil freeze
4.Inadequate oil in the box
5.The hydraulic pump is partial vacuum
Remove ways:
1.Clean and wash the oil screening
2.Replace the hydraulic oil or let out of the old oil; screening and washing the oil outlet and polish, make them in good sealing
3.Replace the thin oil and improve the room temperature in winter
4.Add enough oil in the oil box
5.Pull up the small piston and pressing after full up the oil

Indicator of the pressure gage can not kept with rapid decreasing

1.No sealing of safety valve
2.Poor contact of oil valve screws and iron balls
3.The pipe joint and the hydraulic cylinder plug and oil inlet hole are not tightened
4.Poor contact of triplet of returning oil valve with balls
Remove ways:
1.Polish the safety valve to make them sealed
2.Polish the input oil valve to make them sealed
3.Tightened each pipe joints and hydraulic cylinder plug
4.Polish the valve of returning oil

Top up the rocker

1.Poor contact of the oil output valve and balls
2.The head of the spring is out of the ball
1.Polish the oil outlet valve and replace the new balls
2.Expansion of the head of the spring

Board materials:

1.Improper temperature of cooking oil plant, the temperature is too low and the cakes has high moisture content
2.Unevenly thickness of the cakes
3.When installing the cakes, the folding cakes are not right
4.Too fast or strong force of press
1.Adopt the right direction of cooling and improve the cooking temperature at 85 degree with less 7% of moisture content
2.Pay attention to the thickness of cakes
3.Put the cakes in right way
4.Slow down the press speed

Hydraulic oil are leaking out from the hydraulic cylinder and the piston

1.The rubber cup is in the wrong direction
2.The damage of the rubber cup
Install the rubber cup again, replace a new rubber bowl

The safety valve is not work

1.The oil is dirty and the dirty things attached on the contact surface
2.The spring loses elasticity
3.The adjusting screw is not up to the specified pressure
4.Work with overload frequently, the balls damage the safety valve
1.Unpack the safety valve and wash them, polish them if the valve mouth and gage indicator is damaged
2.Replace the spring
3.Re-adjust the adjusting screws and its pressure is up to 40 MPa
4.Polish the valve and replace the new balls, operate the machine according to the regulations

Our hydraulic oil press has the advantages of high pressure, high oil yield, compact structure and controlled heating. It is easy and safe to operate the oil press, which dramatically reduces labor intensity. It can be widely used in the pressing of oil plants such as sesame, soybean, peanut, flax, walnut kernel, tea seed, almond kernel and pine nut(removing the peel will get better effect).


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