The difference between pressed soybean oil and solvent extracted oil

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Pressing and solvent extraction are commonly used for soybean oil extraction to extract crude soybean oil. After refining the crude soybean oil, edible refined oil can be produced.

1. Different processing technology
The processing technology of pressed oil is "physical pressing", while the processing technology of the solvent extracted oil is "chemical extracting”. Physical pressing has higher requirements on raw materials. After impurity, stone removing, crushing and cooking, oil plants are sent into the screw oil press for oil extraction. Fried seeds are fed in the pressing proceSoybean Oilss of screw oil press and edible soybean oil can be obtain after natural filtration and purification technology of high-tech. The soybean oil produced in this way has the original flavor of soybean with mellow fragrance, rich vitamin E, long shelf life, and without any additives, solvent residual or soap content. It is the pure natural green food produced under the combination of modern technology and traditional craft. Solvent extraction adopts organic solvent extraction method. Oil extraction can be made after complete blending of oil plants with "No.6 light gasoline" (commonly known as "No.6 solvent oil"). Therefore, some organic matters like hexane which is toxic to the human body can remain in the meal and the finished oil and difficult to be removed completely. Only after strict refining process, the oil can be edible, otherwise, it is easy to produce harmful effects to the human body. However, some vitamin nutrients will lose inevitably in the high temperature refining. Due to the high oil yield of solvent extraction, most of the soybean oil and cottonseed oil are processed and manufactured by using the "No.6 light gasoline" extracting method.

2. Different nutrients
The pressed soybean oil is good in color, aroma and taste and retains various nutrients. While the solvent extracted oil is colorless and tasteless. Most of the nutrients are destroyed after processing.

3. Different requirements on materials
"Pressed soybean oil" is made by pure physical pressing method, retaining the original flavor of soybeans. Thus, there are strict requirements with soybeans, which should be fresh and with low acid value and peroxide value, so the price is relatively higher. Meanwhile, since the residual oil content in soybean cake is higher, the oil yield of pressing is comparatively low. As a result, the pressed soybean oil price is higher.