Soybean oil production technology and process

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Different processing technologies should be used in soybean processing according to the requirements of the product. Solvent extraction is often used for industrial purposes. The pretreatment process of oilseeds before extraction can be divided into two kinds: one is pre-pressing extraction process, the other is single extraction process. Cold pressing process is also used in individual cases.

Soybean Oil Plant

Soybean cold pressing process: soybean - cleaning - crushing - softening - flaking - conditioning - pressing - bean cake. The softening temperature in the process of cold pressing is generally not higher than 45°C to 50°C. The soften moisture is 10% ~ 12% and the thickness of flaking is 0.4mm to 0.5mm. The conditioning temperature before pressing should not be higher than 70°C. If ZX10 type soybean oil press is used for cold pressing of whole seed, flaking is not needed. Traditional soybean pretreatment extraction process is simple. The advanced soybean pretreatment extraction process can adopt peeling, extrusion, heat-moisture treatment and other technologies, and combined with the drying process before peeling of soybean for conditioning. The softening process can be omitted, which simplifies the pretreatment process.

Traditional soybean oil production process: soybean - cleaning - crushing - softening - flaking - drying - extraction - refining.
General soybean peeling pretreatment process: soybean - cleaning - drying - crushing - peeling - softening - flaking - extraction - refining.
Soybean extrusion pretreatment process: soybean - cleaning - drying - crushing - softening - flaking - extrusion - drying - extraction - refining.

Soybean pretreatment extraction process should also be combined with soybean protein production, comprehensive utilization of soybean and the extraction of active ingredients of soybean.