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Centrifugal filter press are equipment which take advantage of high speed centrifugal force, make the oil, water and impurities in the eatable oil to separate rapidly under the different centrifugal force. It has solved the problems of complicated operation, heavy work intensity and troublesome load of plate filter press. Centrifugal filter press adopt protection system, which make the machine with stable performance, high safety performance, better filtering performance than the other products.
Centrifugal Filter Press Centrifugal Filter Press
Working principle and features: Centrifugal filter press adopt the rotating drum with high speed to separate the oil, water and residues rapidly. The fist step is to add 1% plain boiled water with 60-70 degree into the crude oil with 80-90 degree which is ready to deal with, the foam in the crude oil has disappeared after 1-2 minutes stirring, resin phosphorus in the crude oil are closely contacted with water, expanding and mutually condense into liquid glue grease gradually. When the crude oil has left a thin layer of tiny bubbles, the centrifugal are started and the hydrated oil are poured into the machine, cut down the electricity after 10-15 seconds of rotating. The oil, residue, resin phosphorus and water are separated rapidly in the high speed rotating drum. When the drum stops, pure and clear oil are flow out from the surface of micro water molecules of the rotating drum. The oil fat and resin phosphorus are adhere to the in wall of the drum. The clear oil after 1-2 hours sediment are up to National oil standard.

Preparation for installment of filter press:

Centrifugal Filter Press

1. The centrifuge filter press is horizontally arranged in the pre treated horizon, the prefabricated foundation should be solidify and maintain for 5-7 days before use. If the ground is uneven, it will cause the machine running with instability and jitter.
2. Before starting the machine, examine the screw on the cover of the barrel and the foundation bolt are not loose. Then the centrifuge filter press can be started.
3. Access the engine electricity and the ground electricity, cut down the power electricity after starting the machine, the drum should be rotate in the clockwise direction through observation.
4. The centrifuge filter press should be running idle for 5-10 seconds after starting the engine. Check up whether there is abnormal sound in the machine. If it has abnormal sound, please check up the rotating drum, top cover, foundation and screws whether are fixed or not, and check up whether the bearing is normal or not.
5. The machine should be lubricant before starting with pure peanut oil, and the top bearing should be lubricant. It is advisable to add lubricant oil every 2 hours work.
6. To start the machine without fixed the covered bolt outside the machine body is prohibited. To start the machine without abide by the rules are prohibited.

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