How to improve the oil output rate of oil press?

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As for the selection of oil press for clients, the most important factor is the oil output rate of oil press. The most important factor which affects the rate of oil output is the moisture content of the oil corps. The next factor is the temperature. The third is the operation experience of the clients. The above factors should be matched well.

Seed Oil Press

Here, several notable factors are introduced during the operation of oil press:
1. Inadequate cleanliness of the raw materials, and there are sand or impurities entered into the press chamber.
2. Rough surface of the screw shaft or the mouth of exit is not smooth which affect the feeding, the discharging. Polish the rough part with emery cutter. Or mix the material like husk which has big friction force with the cake, add a little water into them and start the machine, to feed the material slowly and press oil, which can polish the mouth of the discharging cake.
3. The rotating speed of the screw shaft is too high or too low. The speed should be adjusted until it meets the standard.
4. To grind of the screw shaft and we should take the place of the spare parts.

Listed are the problems that we should pay special attention to. And it is necessary to inspect the operation of the oil press carefully. Before using of the oil press, please check up the whole machine and lubricant each part that need to add the lubricant, which could not only improve the work efficiency and oil output rate, but also decrease the friction force of the spare parts, to decrease the frequency of replacing the wearing parts. Before the oil press begins to work, the material should be steaming and roasting by the cooking kettle, which can improve the oil output of oily plant, like sesame, sunflower seeds and so on. It can be used in the process of the oil plant which has high oil content. As for the soybean, which has low oil content in china, the users usually press the soybean in a cold pressing pattern.



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