How to select the model of oil press?

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1. Before purchasing of oil press, the first question we should think about is what kind of materials we are going to press, the materials are usually peanut, soybean, rape seed, sesame, tea seed and other granular oil plant. The selection of oil press equipment should be varied on the basis of different oil materials, like hydraulic oil press are fit for pressing of sesame seed and the oil output of it is better than screw oil press. While for pressing of soybean and peanut, the output of hydraulic oil press is inferior of screw oil press. If the screw oil press is used to press sesame, the oil output of it is lower than hydraulic oil press. So it is necessary to consider about what kind of oil plant are going to press before selection of oil press equipment.

Hydraulic Oil Press

2. The second is to think about what is the poison of pressing before purchasing of oil press equipment and who is the target customer. We choose appropriate workhouse according to the volume of the oil press equipment, in the case of adjust the workshop area again after purchasing of oil press. So this is a factor we should think about.

3. For the choice of individual business, the model 6YL-100 is ok. 6YL-60 and 6YL-80 aim at process of oil plant with small production like sesame. And they are both fit for oil plant. In addition, the big scale screw oil press is not expensive in the light of production. The production of 6YL-100 oil press is 4 times of 6YL-60, but the price for it is 50% lower than that.

Screw Oil Press

It would be best for the clients to investigate the manufacture in person. And the quality of oil and oil output could be perceived on the spot. The most important thing is to communicate with the manufacture in detail to choose the most ideal oil press. If it is inconvenient, the client can know the service condition of other clients to understand the service condition of oil press intuitively.



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