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YZ series of hydraulic oil press are mainly used to process sesame, walnut kernel, pinenut (it has the best effect without peel), almond and other high oil content materials. Hydraulic oil press has the same advantages with the same kind of machinery in Korea, featuring elegant design, compact structure, high oil output, which are the most advanced equipment to replace of the manual operating sesame oil. Due to less amount of output and short time of every pressing, it is especially suitable for individual operators and small vegetable oil mill.

6yh-190 Hydraulic Oil Press 6yh-200 Hydraulic Oil Press 6yh-270 Hydraulic Oil Press

Main Technical Data of YZ series Hydraulic Oil Press

Model Capacity Dimension
6YH-180 7KG 70*70*1200 MM
6YH-200 8KG 80*80*1300 MM
6YH-220 11KG 960*1000*1560 MM
6YH-270 16KG 1020*1160*1580 MM

1. This hydraulic oil press is small in size, small occupational room, easy to learn, master and operation which has no special requirement to operators.
2. Hydraulic oil press has less power consumption and less cost during operation.
3. Comparing with stone mill, it saved about 50% of power consumption.
4. The machine belongs to hydraulic machinery with high pressure, high oil output and good quality oil.
5. This machine adopt fully automatic control system, which control the preheat temperature automatically and control the hydraulic pressure automatically.
6. This machine mainly made of imported high manganese steel which equipped with precision automatic lathe and high advanced technology. The whole equipment has good performance.

Safe practice and maintenance of hydraulic oil press

1. The power supply of oil press is 380V, and the heating and controlling system power supply is 220V. It can be 220V as the requirement of the customers.
2. Ground protection measures must be done to ensure the safety of machine operation.
3. This hydraulic system belong to supper high pressure rating, the pressure is 22PMa. Excess pressure is prohibited. Adjustment and pulling are prohibited.
4. No start the machine when the pressure gage is not work or inaccurate. Start the machine when a new pressure gage has been changed.
5. No repair the machine during high pressure and pressure maintaining.
6. Please operate the machine according to instruction carefully.
7. After cooking the materials, the smoke should be exhausted completely. Or the gas will burst when pressing, or even hurt people.
8. After exceed the oil completely, cakes should be take out instantly. Or the gas in it will explode after a long period of time.
9. If the oil gas blocked, clear up and scrape the gas by blades or needle.
10. After one month of use of new hydraulic oil press, it is necessary to filtrate the hydraulic oil and clear up the oil box. The hydraulic oil should be changed once a year. Cut down the electricity if the machine stays idle for a long time.