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The difference between pressed soybean oil and solvent extracted oil

Pressing and solvent extraction are commonly used for soybean oil extraction to extract crude soybean oil. After refining the crude soybean oil, edible refined oil can be produced.

What to do with the machine pressed crude oil which tuned black?

The oil pressed by oil press tunes black, what’s the reason? Today, let’s share our experience which we summarized before. I hope everybody can benefit from it.

Advantages of centrifugal oil filter

The centrifugal oil filter is to use the high speed rotating centrifugal force which removes the water or impurities affected the normal eating of the oil

Elements affected the flavor of the peanut oil

The good flavor of peanut oil requires that the seed is of high quality without aging process. The immature seed, broken seed, enzyme seed and aged seed can not be used to process peanut oil.

The common problems of pressing colleseed oil

Lower speed of filtering: the main reason is that too many impurities in the material, thick dust and lower temperature of each part of the machine during the colleseed oil press, as well as the high thickness of colleseed.

How dose the oil filter clean the oil with debris?

The finished oil pressed by the oil press can generate a layer of sludge at the inside walls of the oil barrel after a period of preservation. Many customers have come across this impossible resolved problem during oil filtering. Let’s introduce the solution to the question below.

Is small oil pressing fit for pressing corn?

corn processing are not fit for all kinds of forms which need a large amount of capital investment and advanced technology support. The resources can not belong to and mastered by the small scale processing plant and workshop production.

Advantages of Centrifugal Filter Press

Centrifugal filter press is to use the high-speed rotating centrifugal force to filter water content or other impurities which affect the normal utilization of oil in the oil to ensure the safety of motor vehicle, prolong the service life of engine and make big contribution to ensuring of human body healthy.

Selection of oil press

Mobile pressing is an emerging industry, especially loved by urban residents which make people enjoy high quality pressing oil at home. But what on earth the model 80 oil press more productive or model 60 oil press more practical?

Is cold processing better than hot processing?

Cold pressing means that the oil plants are to be compress without the cooking process. Oil from cold pressing has the features of bright color and much more light without sweet taste and not easy get angry.

How to select the model of oil press?

Before purchasing of oil press, the first question we should think about is what kind of materials we are going to press, the materials are usually peanut, soybean, rape seed, sesame, tea seed and other granular oil plant.

Difference between single oil press and automatic oil expeller

As a kind of new-emerging oil press in recent years, automatic oil expeller( integrated oil press machine) has summarized and absorbed the advantages of the single screw oil press and installed vacuum filter, electrical element for heating chamber and controlling system, to optimize the automatic oil pressing machinery.

How to improve the oil output rate of oil press?

As for the selection of oil press for clients, the most important factor is the oil output rate of oil press. The most important factor which affects the rate of oil output is the moisture content of the oil corps.

How to deal with the leakage of the oil press

Leakage of the oil press is mainly due to the long time using of the oil press. It causes the friction force between the bearings and the filings from the friction lead to the leakage.

Ways of testing the oil press for running-in?

As we all know that new oil press require to running-in for the first time of us. The old style oil press need more time to running-in, so many oil press manufactures have produced the oil press without running-in...

Pressing technology of oil press

Oil press is classified into home oil press and commercial oil press. You can choose home oil press for pressing eatable oil by yourself. Commercial oil press is the best choice for market sales.

What should we do to deal with stop of oil press during operation?

What should we do to deal with the stop of oil press during operation? As for this situation, we gave several advises to our customers.

Method of pressing the primary oil plants

Rape seed: when the rape seed are cooked in the boiler and it blow out a cloud of light smoke, lower the heat and remove rape seed from the boiler until it is grinded and has deep yellow color.

Manufacture of Oil Press,Oil Plant,Oil Expeller

We customize various types of edible oil press machines based on customers' unique demand. Our oil press expeller have exported to many countries.

Manufacture of Oil Press,Oil Pressing Machine,Oil Expeller

We customize various types of edible oil press machines based on customers' unique demand. Our oil pressing expeller have exported to many countries.

Fraud of home oil press are questioned about the safety issues

Under the language environment of illegal cooking oil and transgenic oil can be heard without end, aiming at the business opportunity, some of the domestic sellers promoted home oil press which is fresh and nutrient, natural without addictive, pure physical pressing and ensured raw material.

Six type of most healthy edible oil

The oil is necessary for daily cooking. Though there are various kinds of oil filled with the shelves like peanut oil, corn oil and olive oil in the supermarket. Which one is the healthiest?