Reasons for less oil yield of oil press

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In the process of using oil press, circumstance like less oil yield would appear more or less. Then, what’s reason for that? Under general condition, it is mainly due to the blocking of pressing bar by oil dregs and detritus or the pressing bar is installed too tight. If such circumstance appears in the process of inspection, we just need to clean up the oil dregs or detritus and adjust the firmness of pressing bar.

Oil Press

In the actual use of oil press, such circumstance would also appear if the moisture content of material is higher or hollow kernels are used. Then, we need to control the quality of raw materials.

If the parts of oil press wear seriously, the circumstance would appear as well. Under this condition, replacement should be made. Otherwise, raw materials would be wasted and there will be a lot of unnecessary trouble in the actual operation process.

What cannot be ignored is that before pressing with the automatic oil press each time, preheating of the machine should be made. Under the general condition, the preheating temperature in spring and summer is usually between 50-70 degrees. In autumn and winter, the preheating temperature is usually between 70-90 degrees. If the temperature can not be well controlled, it would have large influence on the future operations.