Characteristics and advantages of soybean extruding technology

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In recent years, with the pursuit of the lowest cost of processing and the market demand for high protein soybean meal and grade soybean meal, soybean processing technology has developed rapidly. Soybean pretreatment extruding technology, in particular, has been widely used oil processing industry at home and abroad. It has the advantages of large cell damage of oil plants, small powder degree, low solvent content in wet meal, less extracting solvent, fast, large concentration of mixed oil, which decreases the evaporation system load, improves the quality of the oil and improves the appearance of cake and the problem of poor palatability. Extruding extraction process also reduces the demand for crushing and flaking process, thus improving the output of the equipment.

Soybean extruder

Soybean extruding technology has solved the difficulties in traditional direct extracting processing, such as the high cost caused by high oil residue in the meal, high solvent consumption, unstable finished product meal quality and low rate of oil refining. Soybean pretreatment extruding technology not only brings economic benefits for the enterprise, also increases the market competition ability of product. Therefore, it is the commonly used process in large soybean oil plants.

Advantages of soybean pretreatment extruding technology:
1. Lower solvent content in wet meal: permeability improvement of solvent to material layer in oil extraction keeps the solvent content in wet meal after extracting only 60% of the solvent content of wet meal after extracting of flakes (solvent content in wet meal reduces from 30% to 20%). It increases the production of wet meal desolventizing equipment and greatly reduces the energy consumption in wet meal desolvation. At the same time, the concentration of the mixed oil can reach 30% ~ 35% after extracting, greatly saves the mixed oil evaporation energy consumption.

2. Improve the quality of extracted crude oil, soybean meal palatability and quality. Due to the lipoxidase and phospholipase in the inactivating old oil plants in the extruding process, acid value of extracted crude oil reduces, nonhydratable phospholipids content reduces and extracted oil quality improves. At the same time, enzyme inactivation in the extruding process also removes the bitter smell of soybean meal, improves the palatability and quality.

3. Extruding and extracting process lowers the requirement for crushing and flaking process, increases the production of these devices.