Development of oil press machinery in China

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Since the late 1950s, the oil press machinery industry in China has experienced the development process of growing out of nothing and expanding from small to large, it has made a contribution to the development of grain and oil and food processing industry in our country.

In 1954, Janhua machinery factory in Qiqihar developed the power screw oil press. In 1958, Shanghai Xinxiang machinery factory produced type 200 power screw oil press, at the same time, D151 and D165 power screw press manufactured by Tianjin Tong Yihe machinery factory appeared in succession. It is the start of oil press machinery manufacturing in our country. After decades of development, China's oil manufacturing industry has been increasing in large scales.

200A-3 Screw Oil Press

In 1965, under the background of preparation against war and natural disasters from all walks of life all over the country, the plan of moving key enterprises in coastal cities into inner land had been carried out systematically. Food department successively combined Beijing food factory and Tianjin Tong Yihe machinery factory that produces oil machinery products and moved to Changzhi city, Shanxi Province, moved Shanghai food factory to AnLiu county in Hubei province and rice milling rubber roller workshop of Wuxi food factory to Changde city of hunan province. At the same time, the food factory in mianyang, Sichuan province and Yongdeng food factory in Gansu province in the western region were nationalized into the ministry of food and expanded into subordinate enterprises. Eventually, the seven food factories directly under the ministry of food in Wuxi, AnLiu, Changzhi, Changde, Zhengzhou, Mianyang, Yongdeng are formed, which realizes the manufacture of complete sets of equipment and mass production of rice, noodles, oil processing and warehousing transportation machinery and equipment.

Since 1970, a major change had appeared in oil extraction industry in China due to the popularization and application of solvent extraction in oil extraction equipment. Solvent extraction is a kind of chemical extraction method of oil extraction with high efficiency. Before 1980, batch production process equipment was mainly used in oil refining technology and equipment. The second grade or first grade oil of national standard was the main edible vegetable oil products. After 1980, with the rapid development of economy in our country, the living standard of people had been improved, the food and clothing problem were solved, and nutritious and health eating had become the pursuit of modern people. Therefore, higher requirements were put forward on oil press. In 2005, double screw cold pressing machine was developed successfully, which solved the problem of cold pressing after rapeseed dehulling. Cold pressed oil obtained in production test can almost meet the third grade national standard of rapeseed oil. The residual oil rate of cold pressed cake is 15% with higher yield efficiency.

Double Screw Cold Press Machine

Meanwhile, with the technical progress of China's basic industry, quality reliability of raw materials and various part used in grain and oil equipment have been improved obviously, such as various kinds of pumps, valves, heat exchangers, pneumatic components, electrical and control components that further ensures the reliability of the main device.

In addition, our grain and oil machinery products have a greater price advantage compared with similar foreign products. Therefore, the general practitioners believe that the oil press machine made in China is accelerating to go out.