The importance of oil refining process selection

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Nowadays, with the developing of the consume level, consumers' demand for cooking oil becomes higher and higher. However, the oil obtained directly by oil press contains many impurities and can not be eaten directly unless processed through the processing of edible oil refining equipment. Oil refining is the complex procedure composed of a variety of physical and chemical processes to remove different impurities selectively of different oils. The selection of refining equipment and oil refining process is very important in the production of oil. Then, how to choose and use the oil refining equipment and refining process?

Soybean oil plant Oil refinery plant

First of all, users should be clear with your quality standards and requirements in oil production and the properties of the refined oil. The selection of refining process is the essence in the oil production. Users must fully consider the refining process, the use of solvent and specific refining process. Suitable refining process can ensure the oil quality more effectively. Besides, different refining processes should be used when processing different oils.

Second, the selection of solvent and the specific using methods also play an important role in the refining process. Different solvents have different reactions on different impurities. Appropriate solvent and usage can destroy the balance of colloid system of impurity effectively and reduce the solubility of impurities in the oil, so that the impurities can be separated out in different forms effectively. The following should be noticed in the refining process: 1. The solvent added can't be too much to avoid saponification of oil and difficult to separate; 2. The amount of solvent can not be too less to prevent that impurities in the oil can not be completely removed.

The selection of oil refining equipment can be considered from the following points:
1. The quality and use of refined oil products: the oil can be processed into common edible oil, high-grade cooking oil, various kinds of oil products and industrial oils. Their quality parameters vary.
2. The required scale of production: small oil mills had better adopt batch process, large and medium-sized oil plant can choose continuous process in order to save energy, improve the production efficiency and the rate of return on investment.
3. Others: the reliability of the equipment and technology, labor productivity, steam, electricity, water production and supply conditions are all the factors to consider in the establishing of refining process.

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