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Cold Oil Press

Cold pressing rapeseed oil extraction process

Cold pressing oil extraction can keep the physiological active substances contained in rapeseed and avoid harmful substances caused by degeneration of oil, protein, carbohydrate and lipoid in the process of high temperature pressing.

edible oil refining

New progress in oil refining process

In the past ten years, edible oil refining develops rapidly and has become an important industry. Because of the low price of the crude oil and refined oil, the profit margin of the refinery is quite small. Production costs have increasingly determine the profitability of refineries.

Oil Press

Peanut oil pressing technology

Peanut oil refining. After cooling the crude oil obtained by double pressing, use the centrifugal filter to filter slags.

Figure 1. Model LXZY cold oil press machine structure chart

The development and application of cold oil press machine

Although screw oil press has been used for more than 100 years in oil extraction industry, it is still one of the main machines of oil processing industry and widely used in major oil production enterprises.

Palm Oil Press

Screw Palm Oil Press

XG type screw palm oil press has the feature of easy operation, high oil yield, low consumption. It is well received in the Africa market, and has the good reputation among the customers.

vegetable Oil Extraction Plant

The technology of vegetable oil extraction

Extract oil by pressing is a traditional method of vegetable oil extraction. With the development of oil extraction technology, three types of oil extraction methods are created from manpower press, hydraulic press to screw oil press.

Frame filter

Soybean quality change during storage and control measures

Soybean storage is mainly the conventional storage, but impurity removing, drying, ventilation and heat dissipation should be noticed before and during the storage of soybean.

Frame filter

Edible oil refining - mechanical method

The methods of oil refining can be divided into three types: mechanical refining, chemical refining and physical refining.

Small Oil Press

Matters needing attention when using small homemade oil press

When using small homemade oil press, the wrong way of operation may bring indelible damage to the equipment, so correct operation method should be used in order to make customers use the oil press for a longer time.

Oil Press

Reasons for less oil yield of oil press

In the process of using oil press, circumstance like less oil yield would appear more or less. Then, what’s reason for that?

screw oil press

Several pressing ways of screw oil press

Raw pressing (cold pressing): put the oil plants directly into the oil press, then normal production can be start. Low temperature cold pressing: cook the oil plants with low temperature.

Extracting equipment

Maintenance and repair of oil extraction equipment - flaking machine

Flaking machine is one of the key equipment of oil plant with high price, heavy body and high cost of repair. In the process of production, the flaking machine should be maintained carefully to prolong its service life

Extracting equipment

The classification of the extracting process of extracting equipment

In general, the extracting equipment can be divided into two categories through the characteristics of operation mode, respectively intermittent extracting equipment and continuous equipment.

Extracting equipment

Maintenance of extracting equipment

Mechanical equipment is expendable, and the extracting equipment is no exception. That how to properly maintain the extracting equipment and extend its service life is crucial:

Soybean Oil

How to improve the production efficiency of soybean oil plant?

Detection of each oil pipeline of the complete sets of soybean oil machine. Clean up the oil discharge pipe in time to prevent the blockage. Adjust the size of the pipeline according to the production of oil.

Oil Press

How to prolong the service life of oil press

Ensure the regular break of oil press and avoid continuous running for a long time. After 50 hours working, the operator should stop and check the lubrication of oil press. The oil cup of reducer shall not be short of oil or less than 1/2, and fill butter. It is strictly prohibited for dry grinding.

Soybean extruder

Characteristics and advantages of soybean extruding technology

In recent years, with the pursuit of the lowest cost of processing and the market demand for high protein soybean meal and grade soybean meal, soybean processing technology has developed rapidly.

Soybean flakes

Soybean extraction requirement on the materials

The pretreatment of soybean can make the material structure and properties meet the process requirement of extraction and obtain good extracting effect.

Small coconut oil machine

Cotton Seed Oil Press, Oil Press Machine for Sale

Copra is used as raw materials and extracted from crusher or screw coconut oil machine. Solvent is used for secondary extraction as a supplement of coconut oil processing to obtain the residual oil in the meal.

Soybean extruder machine

Process of soybean extruder

Soybean extruding technology can reduce the production cost and improve the quality of oil and meal as well. Soybean extruder is the equipment mainly used for stabilizing and extruding treatment of soybean in cereal and oil industry.

200A-3 Screw Oil Press

Development of oil press machinery in China

Since the late 1950s, the oil press machinery industry in China has experienced the development process of growing out of nothing and expanding from small to large, it has made a contribution to the development of grain and oil and food processing industry in our country.

Oil refinery plant

Edible Oil Refining Process

With the continuous development of edible oil refining technology, the "five de" continuous oil refining process is widely used around the world, that is "hydration degumming, alkali refining and deacidification, adsorption decolorizing, winterization dewaxing, high-temperature deodorization".

Filter Press

Instructions of Centrifugal Filter Press

Centrifugal filter press are equipment which take advantage of high speed centrifugal force, make the oil, water and impurities in the eatable oil to separate rapidly under the different centrifugal force.

Seed Oil Press

How to Press Edible Oil

Seed oil press uses the electric motor or diesel as the engine. Before pressing, a small amount of oil seeds need to be pre-treated, such as peeled or cooked to get higher oil output.

Cold Oil Press Machine

Cold press process - cold press machine

Cold press is the completely physical and mechanical way of oil production. The oil obtained need to be filtered or dried to meet the requirements of consumption.

Soybean oil plant

The importance of oil refining process selection

Nowadays, with the developing of the consume level, consumers' demand for cooking oil becomes higher and higher. However, the oil obtained directly by oil press contains many impurities and can not be eaten directly unless processed through the processing of edible oil refining equipment.

Parts of Oil Press

Common problems and troubleshooting solutions of oil press

Problems are inevitable when we use the oil press to press crops. We should find out the reason on the specific problems before solving it.