Common problems and troubleshooting solutions of oil press

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Problems are inevitable when we use the oil press to press crops. We should find out the reason on the specific problems before solving it.

Automatic Screw Oil Press Parts of Oil Press

1. First of all, make regular maintenance for the oil press in order to ensure the normal operation. The reason for the lower pressure of screw oil press is the failure or block of oil discharge valve. It may also caused by the larger clearance between the piston of oil cylinder and the cup that the piston of the oil pump and the pump body wears and lead to the lack of pressure. You can remove and wash the oil net or replace the cup, or replace the oil pump piston and the pump body to guarantee the normal operation of screw oil press.
2. Second, the reason for relief valve failure of oil press is that the debris in the oil makes the steel ball and valve can not be closed; after using for a period of time, the spring lose flexibility and cannot bear high pressure. The loose of pressure regulating screw may also lead to the jump valve of the oil press without reaching the expected pressure, which would lead to regular overpressure jump valve and make the steel ball or valve damaged. Remove and wash the relief valve to remove the impurities in order to make the steel ball and valve closed; replace the spring of relief valve timely; regulate the pressure regulating screw to make the safety valve jump valve as the pressure reaches the limit. Grind the valve to avoid the overpressure jump valve in the operation of oil press.
3. Third, if the pump of oil press can not absorb oil, in most cases, it is due to the impurities in the oil blocking the filter, oil tubing or nozzle, resulting in lack of oil in the oil tank and the failure of filling valve. Remove and wash the filter, oil pipe and nozzle and oil the fuel tank. Then, pull out the piston of oil pump and fill oil to exhaust the air. Repair or replace the steel balls, spring, or nozzle of the filling valve to make the valve seal well and does not leak oil.
4. Excessive slag leakage in the process of oil pressing.In general, there would be a small amount of slag leakage, but excessive leakage slag is not normal. It may caused by the too thin of the cake. Then, you need to make appropriate adjustment on the thickness of the cake according to the requirement of the specification. Or the poor plasticity of oil plants brings difficulties in cake discharging that increases the stress in the machine chamber. In this case, you can add proper amount of water, then running machine to rise the temperature of screw oil press and improve the plasticity of oil plants. It may also caused by too large clearance of pressing bar or bending of individual pressing bar. You should adjust the clearance of pressing bar timely if the clearance is too large. If the pressing bar bends, you need to remove the pressing bar and straighten it through grinding or sizing block, then reinstall it.