What to do with the machine pressed crude oil which tuned black?

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The oil pressed by oil press tunes black, what's the reason? Today, let's share our experience which we summarized before. I hope everybody can benefit from it.

1. The oil press methods are classified into cold press and hot press, while the hot pressing way usually passes through the preheating treatment. For example, the materials are cooked by the automatic cooking machine in fried or half boiled condition which increase the fluxility of grease in the crop and increase the activity of the oil molecules. At the same time, the artificial cooking can not control the fire power and the temperature of carbonizing crop surface. And the crop fiber and carbonized crop surface enters into the pressing chamber and are pressed by the high pressure rotating extruding, the carbonized particles, tiny powder and organs which combined with the grease flow out from the screw oil press. That is the reason that the crude oil looks black which seriously affected the color and oil quality.

2. There is melanin in the crops of linoleic acid and linolenic acid themselves, like linseed and rapeseed. The oil pressed by the screw oil press still has the deep color even by the cold pressing method, which is because of heavy melanin content. In order to solve this problem, only the refining process is used to discolor the oil which will achieve the ideal effect. During the practical pressing process, we often come across the first situation. That is the problem of pressing process. We can not equippe a set of refine machinery just for the good color. So as for the block color of oil, we can solve this problem during the preheat treatment or in the cooking process which try to use the small fire to reduce the temperature and increase the cooking time properly. And the automatic oil press---row type oil press are try to be used, the reason is that the raw type machine can supply the biggest pressure in the pressing chamber during the biggest unit of time which ensure the materials are pressed completely during the primary pressing with cakes and decrease the second time of high temperature pressing.

3. In addition, the general using type of eccentric oil filter on the market can be used to filter the crude oil which makes the crude oil break away from the blocked scope.
The character of eccentric oil filter is:
1) High speed of filtering every 3-4 minutes, and the amount of filtering of each time is 15-25kg. The oil residues should be cleared for filtering of 1000Kg oil every time, it is easy to operate.
2) Comparing with other equipment, there are no easy wearing parts for long time using and there is no use to clean the filter cloth or replace of the filter cloth.
3) Power saving, after the power is on, the drum is in normal rotating speed and then cut down the electricity which uses the eccentric forth to filter the oil.
4) The effects are better than any other filter equipment. Like the plate-frame oil machine needs to replace of the filter cloth and consumption of filter cloth. The air pressure filter is dangerous if the pressure is over large. And the oil residues are too much with repeated on-off. This oil filter has no trouble to replace of the easy wearing parts with power and time saving, good effect, high purity of oil, bright color which can be sold in package or for direct eating.