Peanut oil production line

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The new type of peanut oil press has integrated automatic temperature controlling system which aims at process different materials to control the temperature with easy operation. It simplified the complication of cooking the materials. Except feeding materials, there are no other operations. It has the features of automatic controlling of temperature, vacuum filter, easy operation, less occupation and high oil output.

Technology process of peanut oil press

Peanut oil production line

Clearing---shelling---cooking----filtering---finished product of peanut oil

Cleaning and drying of peanut
The peanut which enter into the oil plant are mingled with impurities inevitably. If those earth, stem and leaf etc are mixed in the peanut, it affects the oil quality and cakes and absorbs part oil content to low the oil output. If the peanut are mixed with stones, metals and rough cordage etc, they are easy to cause the machinery wearing of oil press, which evoke the production accidents and affect the process effect. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the impurities to ensure the safe production. As for some peanut with high moisture content, it is necessary to drying the peanut for the sake of shelling.

The aim of shelling the peanut is to reduce the adsorption of the oil content by the shell, so the oil output is increased; It can improve the production of oil press and reduce the mechanical wearing of oil press; it is also beneficial to press the cakes to improve the quality of crude oil, improve the quality of cakes and the comprehensive utilization of it.

Hot treatment (cooking)
Before cooking, the kernels of peanuts are socked in the water at first. During cooking, the kernels are cooked to mature on July 8. The shell and kernel are separated by hand touching. The kernel has slight yellow color under temperature of about 130°C, which has moisture content of about 1-2%. The oil cake has 0.7-1.2mm of thickness and presented as long strip shape with wrinkles. The oil discharging is smooth. The effect of heat treatment greatly affects the smoothness of the whole peanut oil press process, the output ratio and oil quality and the quality of oil cakes. The technology of cold pressing has abolished the heat treatment process, but it requires two times pressing. The first time of pressing is actually a process for heating. The cold pressing way has lower output with light flavor of oil smell.

The temperature controller of peanut oil press adjust the temperature at 120-180℃(according to oil plant) required by pressing process. Open the heating switches at the position of heat the machine to increase the machine’s temperature. The green light of temperature controller is on and red light is off at this time. When the machine’s temperature is up to the setting temperature, the red light is on and the green light is off. The temperature of machine is controlled automatically and maintain at the setting temperature. In winter of low temperature, the heating switches are all open at the position of heat the machine which improve the temperature of oil pan and are easy for flowing of oil. The pressing time is closely related with the oil output efficiency. It is usually confirmed that long pressing time of peanut oil press has low speed of flowing oil. But the pressing time is not too long, or the heat loss is too much which affect the efficiency of oil output and production capacity. Therefore, the pressing time should be shortened under the condition of meet the requirement of oil output. The time for material to stay at the pressing chamber are mostly decided by the rotating speed of screws at first, the second is the old and new of the pressing bar and the thickness of the cakes. As for some high oil content materials, the pressing time is prolonging appropriately and a proper rotating speed is to be chosen.

Add the hot salt water of 1-1.5% salt content to the crude oil and stir them fully with the aim of dephophorization. Open the switch of centrifugal oil filter and pour the crude oil mixed with salt water into the centrifugal oil filter. The crude oil is flowing from the feed hopper tube, through the upper shaft at the upper end to the nylon small disc at the bottom of drum. Crude oil is flowing inside of rotating drum evenly by small disc. At this time, the high speed rotating drum generates strong centrifugal force which makes the separation of liquid and solid with different quantity. After pouring the crude oil for 2-3 minutes, shut down the power and the drum are stopped gradually, and the net oil are flowing from the machine automatically. The aim of fine filter is realized. Time for filtering is about 5-6 minutes. The amount of filtering oil is about 250-350Kg per hour.