Peanut sheller machine

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Peanut sheller machine is a type of popular machinery developed by our factory on the basis of marketing requirement. Peanuts sheller machine has the features of low breaking rate, high cleaning rate, nice color as well as less in impurity. During the normal operation of peanut sheller machine, quantitative peanuts are being put into the feeding hopper evenly and continuously, the peanut shell is crushed through the repeated striking, rubbing and collision of the rotor. Under the stress and striking of rotational wind, peanut kernel and the crushing peanut shell go through the sifter with mesh frame(use Peanut Sheller the sifter with more mesh the first time, use the sifter with the less mesh the second time). At this time, under the forth of blowing of the rotary fans, the light-weight peanut shell is blow out form the machine and the kernel is cleaning up through the vibrating screen.

Working principle: the peanut is put into the feeding hopper by the operator and fall into the thick grid, due to the rubbing forth between rotating plate and fixed grid concave board, the peeling peanuts shell and peanut kernel after separation fall down through screen of grid, most peanut shell are blown out of the machine through the air dust. And the peanut kernel together with part of non-peeling ones fall into the gravity separation sieve, after the second screen, peanut kernel on the sieve up to the hopper and flow into sacking. And the non-peeling nuts are down to the outlet flow to the elevator and throw into the slim grid to peel the second time and separation. Thus completely peeling is finished.

Our company specializes in the production of peanut picker, peanut harvester and peanut sheller machine.