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Roaster Machine has been widely used to fry peanut, soybean, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, sesame and rape seeds etc. which are the main equipment for prefrying in the oil workshop. It aims at improving the oil output of oily plant and used to process various kinds of products in the frying fruit shop. Frying pan destroys the oilseeds cells and cooks with a certain added water, which make the protein to swell after absorbing water and broke the Peanut Roaster Machine undivided cells from the inside of the cells thoroughly, to condense the dispersed oil droplets further and to improve the oil output. Frying pan makes the protein hard under fully solidification degeneration, to improve the ability to withstand the pressure and make for oil agglomeration. The practice has proved that the more thoroughly the denaturation of protein, the higher the oil output. It also has hither which make the phospholipid water swelling, reducing the solubility of denatured protein in the oil and clearing the oil (without overflow after heating); under the stream protection, the oil plant can not paste and the output oil has slight color without black.

We product roaster machine with high quality gear driving which has featured small resistance, little vibration, less noise, stable operation without deviation.The humanization design prolong the service time of frying pan which can be use for 8-10years or even more. The frying pot are fit for support use the various kind of oil press which has large amount of cooked seeds, especially fit for supporting of screw oil press. It can cook the oil plant in short time and enhance the flavor continuously; to make the oil has golden color and pure flavor. Full automatic roaster machine has the advantages of simple operation and the operator does not require professional oil technology.