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GX-80 rapeseed oil press is a screw oil press with larger capacity than GX-68 oil press. The screw rapeseed oil press adopts screw-driving force to extract oil from various oil plants like rapeseed, canola, mustard, sunflower seeds, soybeans, etc. The rapeseed oil press has the features of simple structure, easy installation, operation and maintenance. Both hot and cold pressing can be realized with the rapeseed oil press. GX-80 screw rapeseed oil press is an ideal choice for oil pressing plant of small and medium size and it can also be used to pre-press some vegetable plants with high oil content.

Rapeseed Oil Press GX-80 Rapeseed Oil Press

Different Oil Yield According to Different Seeds
When extracting different oil plant, the handling capacity, oil yield and dry cake residue differs even with the same screw rapeseed oil press. Below are some of the parameters.

Raw Material Raw Material In-feed per 24 hours (KG) Oil yield Per 100kg of Raw Material(KG) Dry Cake Residue(%)
Rapeseeds 1900-2400 30-35 7.5-8
Peanut 1900-2400 35-45 7
Beans 1800-2300 10-14 6.5-7

fried rapeseed to be extracted Pressing of rapeseed in the rapeseed oil press

Rapeseed oil pressing process:
1, Hot pressing: rapeseed- cleaning - frying- pressing- filtering- refining- refined rapeseed oil;
Operating instructions: screening the rapeseed with the screen of 30 meshes / inch to make impurities contained in the rapeseed less than 0.5%. Soften the rapeseed to keep its moisture content at around 9%, then cooking the rapeseed to make the oil temperature reaches 110 - 120 degrees with moisture content of 1 - 1.5%. Then, they can be fed into the canola oil expeller for pressing. If the cylindrical frying pot is used, rapeseed after cleaning and impurity removing can be directly fed into the cylindrical frying pot or the frying pan. But 2 - 3% of the water should be added when frying the seeds. When the temperature reaches 110 to 120 degrees, the rapeseed can be discharged for pressing.

2, Cold pressing: rapeseed- cleaning- pressing- filtering- refining- refined rapeseed oil;
Operating instructions: in cold pressing, the rapeseed after cleaning and filtering are not need to be fried in frying pot. The moisture content of rapeseed will directly affect the efficiency of oil pressing in cold pressing. Thus, the judge of the moisture content of oil is quite important. Generally, the moisture of rapeseed should be kept in 5 - 8% before pressing.

Common problems in the pressing process: oil content in the rapeseed can be up to 33- 40%, generally, abnormal phenomenon would not appear in hot pressing when operating according to the instruction book. While in cold pressing, improper operation, moisture or temperature of machine body of canola oil press would lead to the slag leakage, oil return or unsmooth feeding. Please consult our company if there is any problem like that.