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Small palm oil expeller produced by our company is suitable for small-scale individual users with simple structure, economical and practical, very popular with customers. If you need palm kernel oil press, please click here - > palm kernel oil press

Palm Oil Expeller Palm

Model H-1
Oil Production Capacity 100-400kg/hour
Motor Power 5.5kw
Palm fruit digestion time by 100oC steam or water before oil press 2 hour
Weight 180kg
Size 1450*620*620mm

Palm oil is divided into red palm oil and white palm oil. Red palm oil is extracted from the external pulp of palm core and mainly used for consumption, white palm oil is extract from the kernel inside of the palm core and mainly used as industrial oil. The raw materials of red palm oil is fresh palm head picking from palm trees (each weighing between 10 and 20 kg). After high temperature cooking of fruit head, palm fruit can be threshed. Palm fruit can be processed in palm oil press after heating to produce water, red palm oil with slag. Red palm oil can be obtained after separation.

Other optional auxiliary equipment: palm fruit thresher, sterilizing digester

Palm Fruit Thresher

Palm oil
Palm oil is widely used in cooking and food manufacturing industry in the world. It can be used as edible oil, tallow oil and margarine. Like other cooking oil, palm oil is easily digested and absorbed and can promote the health. Palm oil is an important component in fat with mild properties. It is the good material for food production. In palm oil composition of ingredient, its high solid properties of glycerin content can avoid hydrogenation of food and keep it stable, and effectively resist oxidation. It is also the good seasoning of pastry and bakery products in hot climate. Because of the characteristics of palm oil, it is popular with the food manufacturing.


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