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XG type screw palm oil press has the feature of easy operation, high oil yield, low consumption. It is well received in the Africa market, and has the good reputation among the customers. XG series of palm fruit oil press is used for pressing the heated & crushed palm pulp ,which it could press the pulp better with destroying the nut. If you need palm kernel oil press, please click here - > palm kernel oil press

Palm Oil Press Palm Oil Press

Model? Capacity?(kg/H) Engine?or?Power?






XG-130?palm oil press 200-300 4Kw?Electrical?motor?
480 1350*650*1260 <?8%
XG-160?palm oil press 500-600 7.5Kw?Electrical?motor
620 1650*710*1460 <?8%
XG-200?palm oil press 1000?-1500 15Kw?Electrical?motor
930 2050*800*1520 <?8%

Application of palm oil press
suitable for small farm about 3-15 hectares, or self-employed businessmen who process the incoming materials. This palm kernel oil press machine is economical and practical which is very popular in Africa and South America.

Features of palm oil press
A. Small space oppucation, easy to operate.
B. Low power consumption, energy-saving.
C. Automatic adjusting the pressing chamber pressure; lower broken rate of the palm nut.


Our independent research and development production of palm oil processing equipment for many years, providing a dedicated oil press palm fruit, palm fruit thresher, sterilization pot palm fruit, palm kernel oil press, palm mashed machines.

Palm oil press Processed palm fruit flesh, not processed palm kernels.
Palm fruit bunches thresher Frequency Control, Suitable for many varieties of palm fresh fruit bunches threshing.
Palm fruit sterilization pot New designs, Furnace body, lifting equipment, tank combined into one machine. Saves boiler, lifting equipment rack.
Stainless steel frame oil filter Also filter solid impurities and suspended impurities.
Small edible oil refining machine Function: degumming, deacidification, dehydration, bleaching. Equipment: double-sided polishing, food-grade stainless steel. Electric heating, simple operation, small footprint.

The XG small screw palm oil press which designed and produced by our research institute, is suitable for 3-15 hectares small farm or processing with supplied materials from outside for individual household, economic and practical, cost recovery soon, very welcome by customers in Africa and South America.

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