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The GX-120 screw sunflower oil press produced by our company can process sunflower seed, peanuts, soybeans, sesame, rape seed and other oil plants. The sunflower seed oil press adopts quality steel and castings to ensure the continuous operation of vegetable oil press. The sunflower oil press has stable performance and long service life and it can be used for 20 years. Oil extracted by the sunflower seed oil press is pure with faint scent. The GX-68 sunflower oil press has the advantages of small size, higher oil yield, labor and time saving and lower noise. Our sunflower seed oil press sells pretty well in domestic and counties around the world and enjoys good reputation among our customers.

Sunflower Oil Press Screw Sunflower Oil Press

Features of GX-120 Screw Sunflower Oil Press
1. With cast iron machine base;
2. Compact structure, stable function and simple maintenance;
3. Special gear box structure ensures the constant rotating speed of sunflower oil press;
4. Main parts of the chamber are processed by high-temperature tempering and low temperature quenching;
5. Cake thickness can be adjusted when the sunflower oil press stops;
6. Oil cake produced by the sunflower oil press is of high quality;

Sunflower Seeds Sunflower cakes after extraction with shellsSunflower Oil Press Sunflower oil produced by extraction

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil has yellowish and clear color, fragrant taste and no smell with low melting point, which is easy for digestion. Sunflower oil also has curative effect to the patient with hypertension, fatter, cerebral embolism, heart disease, nephritic. Therefore, it enjoys higher and higher proportion among all the edible oil used in cooking due to its rich linoleic acid content. The kernel of sunflower makes up about 70 percent of the seed with the oil content of 55 percent. The processing process of sunflower oil includes cleaning, grinding, expelling and extracting of sunflower seed by screw sunflower oil press, and the crude oil produced can be further refined by the filter or small scale oil refinery line to satisfy different oil making requirements.

Sunflower oil making involves cleaning the seeds, grinding them, Expelling and extracting oil by screw oil press, and further refine the crude oil by filter press or you can choose a small oil refinery line to satisfy your oil making needs.


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