6YL Small Oil Press

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6YL small oil press is a kind of multifunctional oil press, which featured small volume, simple structure, easy continuous operation and high oil output. This machine can process most of the high oil content materials like soybean, peanut, rapeseed, cottonseed, linseed etc, which are widely used in family, self-employed and small vegetable oil mill.

6YL-68 Oil Press 6YL-100 Oil Press 6YL-130 Oil Press

Main Technical Data of 6YL series small oil press

40 5.5 130 1050*660*760
6YL-80 80-125 5.5 330 1320*440*695
160-200 11 420 1910*610*765
6YL-100 160-200 7.5 400 1860*550*695
200-300 11 700 2060*610*770
6YL-130 375-500 18.5 700 2320*700*780
6YL-160 550-700 18.5 920 2020*700*780
6YL-165 620-830 22-30 1600 2120*800*980

1.Simple structure, easy operation, wide applicability
2.Power saving, low noise
3.Both cold pressing and hot pressing are suitable
4.Press various kind of oil plant and shelled fruit
5.high oil output and high efficiency

The pressing surface of 6YL small oil press are trenched and molded after one time with automatic accurate polishing, to improve the machining precision and degree of finish of pressing system. The machine can be put into normal production after purchasing and simple test of pressing. The adjusting feed system which reforms the technology of the screw stem, to increase the speed of feeding and to improve the production output. The machine adopt the alloy steel combined with castings, to meet the quality standard of constant production of machinery. And it has stable performance and durable service.

Preparation before pressing

1.The room temperature of oil press warehouse should be kept at 15-20°C;, low temperature affect the oil output and oil quality.
2.Full preparation of the tools before pressing for feeding, receiving oil, removing impurities, dredge hopper and cleaning machine.
3.Check up the transmission and lubrication system, to ensure the flexible rotation and good lubrication.
4.After starting the machine, make it run idle. If it has abnormal noise, hitting sound and other abnormal phenomenon, the machine should be stopped and examined. As long as the problems have been solved, the machine can not be tested. We stop the process until the machine is in normal stable operation.
5.Moisture content should be appropriate before pressing. The most appropriate moisture content is like below: peanut 8-11%, soybean 5-8%, cotton seeds4-6%and rape seeds 6-8%. Methods of test the moisture content of several oil plants according to experience. Cotton seeds: the cotton seeds are break with teeth bite and the shell and kernel are easily separated. It shows that the moisture content is proper. If the kernel is powdery, it shows too dry; if the kernel is in pieces, it shows too wet. Soybean: the moisture content is proper when the soybean can be crushed by the front teeth bite and flat or crack the soybean by the cheek teeth bite with slight sound. If the soybeans are flat by bite, it means too wet; if it breaks with great noise, it means too dry. Kernel: it mainly use the hot pressing way and preheat the pressing chamber. When the kernel’s temperature is up to 60°C, press the kernel with hotness. Rape seed: the rape seed make a noise and divided into pieces when we squeeze it with fingernails. It means the moisture content is proper. If it change into powder, it means low moisture content, if the rape seeds are flat without cracking, it meats high moisture content. The rape seeds are fried in the iron pan for about 10 minutes with temperature about 70-80°C. Rub the rape seeds with a triangular block on the plate, if the shell and kernel are separated into two pieces, it means the moisture content is appropriate. If the kernel are powdery, it meats low moisture content. If they are not separated, it means moisture content is too high.